Territory Management: Save a Sinking Sales Territory

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Jun 012012

Territory Management: Save a Sinking Sales Territory

Territory Management:  By Bryce Record on Wed, May 30, 2012

Territory Management: No doubt you spent hours trying to accurately forecast, but as Q2 comes to a close, it’s obvious that you aren’t going to make it if you stay your current course.

Can you revitalize a struggling sales territory mid-year?

How do you save a sinking ship when you’re already out in the middle of the ocean, halfway through your voyage?

Here are 5 quick tips to help:

  1. Re-Analyze: Over my past 3 blog posts, I gave ample instruction about how to properly understand and analyze your sales territories beforehand. Did you go through this process? Do you need to do it again? Re-Balance. Re-Align. Follow the process so you understand the market potential and get the most out of it.
  2. Sales Training: Are you giving your Sales Reps the proper tools they need to succeed and make their quota? 15% of organizations’ C-Players eventually become A-Players. Give them the proper Sales Training, so that they can reach this elite level. Ride-Alongs, Webinars, Checkups, whatever it takes.
  3. Change Compensation Structure: Are your Sales Reps properly motivated? Perhaps your current compensation structure simply doesn’t get them razzed enough to attack their sales territory as they should. Ever thought of short-term bonuses to give them an extra push? Or it might take a long-term compensation structure change to really keep things rolling along smoothly.
  4. Change Sales Reps: No, I’m not talking about hiring or firing. I’m talking about shaking things up and getting the right players in the right places where they can succeed. When a baseball team goes into a slump, the manager will often change around the batting order. That may be all you need – examine your lineup and see if someone else might do a better job batting cleanup.
  5. Alter Your Quota: So much of sales is about managing expecations. In the event that you did not properly analyze your sales territories before designing them, you may have unrealistic quotas. Additionally, you may need to adjust your ramp up time for new hires. Don’t create frustrated managers or unmotivated reps where you don’t have to. Be sure you fully understand all the factors affecting your quota before you set it.

Hopefully there aren’t too many organizations in this predicament. However, in the event that you are, try and use these tips to rejuvenate your year!

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