Individualized Learning

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Dec 222015

Individualized Learning

Zuckerberg is Ploughing Billions Into ‘Personalized Learning’ – Why?

Individualized Learning -Zuckerberg has a clear definition of personalized learning in mind: It’s about teachers “working with students to customise instruction to meet the student’s individual needs and interests.”



Tom’s Comments:

Individualized Learning – First, it’s important to look at the outcomes of our current, traditional, one size fits all teaching:

At best, the middle, let’s say 30%, gets superficial initial understanding, which is soon forgotten. For the other 70% the approach is either too slow or too fast.

No adaptive skills, no deep learning, no performance improvement outcomes, poor learning, poor retention, high dropout rates, low graduation rates, poor student success outcomes (not college ready, no critical thinking skills, not job ready, etc. etc.)

Lets simply say that our current teaching methodology is not empowering our students with the skill sets that they need (we are miserably failing our goal of student success outcomes)

The reason Mark Zuckerberg is embracing truly personalized learning, is that it is the research validated methodology that creates individual deep adaptive learning outcomes the most effectively and the most efficiently:

  • More Stimulation per Minute of Study
  • 300% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
  • 11% less study time, 22% less test time, and 95% higher test scores

You will benefit from:

(I) Improved Learning Outcomes and Increased Competence;

  1. Retention to fluency (95% vs. 28%),
  2. Behavior change through accountable reinforcement,
  3. Improved application,
  4. Advanced individual performance and
  5. Advanced organization performance

Truly personalized learning (one teacher to one student) can only be cost effectively scaled using instructor facilitated, educationally innovative technology, in a blended and flipped learning environment, that includes these components:


Individualized Learning – If we all followed the proven research rather than trying to preserve a paradigm that is proven to not work we would embrace proven methodologies and educationally innovative  technology that would guarantee advances in long term, student success outcomes

individualized learning



Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes personalized learning is the answer to many of education’s current woes, and is one of the four key areas that he and his wife Prescilla Chan’s US$45 billion Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will fund.

While some argue whether this is a philanthropic act or a shrewd business strategy, others will ask: what is personalized learning anyway? Because despite some politicians’ enthusiastic endorsements of personalized education, there’s still no clear definition.

Many in education would argue that personalized learning is what all good teachers do as a matter of course – modifying learning materials and teaching styles to accommodate the different ways pupils learn. Others see it as an antidote to top-down, centralized school bureaucracy, with the term “personalized” used interchangeably with individual, learner-centered or customized. It’s far from clear how teachers are supposed to support such personalized learning with personalized resources on a per pupil basis, nor who should bear the costs of doing so.

Individualized learning – Read the rest of the article:


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