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SIS-LMS-LCMS – Student Success

SIS-LMS-LCMS: Student Success and Educationally Innovative Technology: K-12

SIS-LMS-LCMS – A Comprehensive, Research Report: Executive Summary



SIS-LMS-LCMS  – A Comprehensive, Research Report, by Thomas S. McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

SIS-LMS-LCMS  – SIS (Student Information System)-LMS (Learning Management System)-LCMS (Learning Content Management System) – April 26,2016

Your Changing Landscape:

Consistently, effectively and efficiently, advancing relevant, student success outcomes, which directly and measurably result in individual advanced, relevant, adaptive, student performance improvement outcomes, is the new 21st Century, deep learning, directive and paradigm change.

SIS-LMS-LCMS  – Systemically changing traditional education paradigms from incumbent, one size fits all teaching, to educationally innovative, advanced student success, 21st Century deep learning outcomes, will not occur, consistently, effectively, efficiently, or be scalable, without professionally facilitated, educationally innovative ‘technology’ ( Where ‘technology’ is: Professionally facilitated, that seamlessly integrates, research driven and market measured best practices, delivered over common devices, in a blended and flipped learning environment, with the defined, strategic objective of measurably, advancing individual student, relevant, student success outcomes, that result in individual student, sustained, relevant, adaptive skills, that advance relevant individual performance improvement outcomes)

Your Defined Student Success Objectives:

First, you need to collectively define your desired student success outcomes. Working backwards from those defined goals and objectives, you then need to choose an integrated SIS-LMS-LCMS that integrates those research driven features that empower you to achieve these defined outcomes for you and for your students. Here are a few high level SIS-LMS-LCMS features that we think are important to look for:

  • Educationally Innovative, Integrated, K-12 Solution
  • Student Success Focused, Consistent with Your Mission/Vision
  • Scalable, Easy to Use Interface, Configurable IT Platform (e.g. .Net)
  • Analytics Capabilities and Dashboard(s); provides the ability to use student attainment data to determine your individualized education programs, resulting in advanced student success outcomes
  • Integrated, Educationally Innovative

Your Strategic, Desirable, Possibilities: 

  • Integrated SIS-LMS-LCMS
  • Integrated LMS/LCMS
  • LMS – Multi- tenant capabilities:
  • Mothership Portal provides a portal for district administrators, to which the sub-sites are linked. This enables administrators to manage their tasks across multiple sites from one location
  • Ability to message centrally (emergencies, early interventions, location specific, individual specific communications)
  • Open Source (Code is readily available for configuration)

How You Should Use this Report:

First, define what you want to accomplish. Then, require your integrated SIS -LMS -LCMS to deliver on these defined objectives. Each software system goes about things slightly differently and some dramatically differently. Innovative platforms should follow proven research, best practices, be configurable (allow you to modify the software, somewhat, so it fits your unique needs) as well as scalable (able to grow with you, as you grow) and have documented success, in your vertical (references). Software platforms more and more are SaaS (Software as a Service – You essentially rent the software and it’s hosted in the cloud), which provides you certain advantages. Software that you own and is hosted on your server, is becoming less and less common, due to disadvantages. Additional details on each product offering and the scheduling of software demos is available as an additional service.

What’s in Your Report:

This research report, in its entirety, focuses on four strategic, innovative education technology, arenas, that will empower School Districts, Schools, Administrators and Teachers to advance student success outcomes:

  1. 18- Innovative, Integrated, SIS (Student Information System Providers), with Integrated, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) –Listed Alphabetically
  2. 1 – Innovative, Integrated, SIS Providers, with future plans to Integrate a LMS –Listed Alphabetically
  3. 30 – Innovative, Integrated, SIS Providers, with the potential of Integrating an Innovative LMS –Listed Alphabetically
  4. 42 -Innovative LMS’s and LCMS’s that will integrate with your Innovative, Integrated SIS-Listed Alphabetically

The entire report is 13 pages in length. It includes ~ 91 Vendors, ~285 Hyperlinks that will get you to specific, relevant supporting, vendor information. You will also have complete access to my website, 1,000+ third party posts, which will define 21st Century Learning terminology for you and provide you with relevant, credible, supporting, third party research.


As part of your purchase process, you will receive a URL to the research document

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