Study Abroad: Common Questions and Answers

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Sep 282014

Study Abroad: Common Questions and Answers

(1) Is Study Abroad really no cost to the school?


By outsourcing your domestic or international trips, your students fund their trips, over time, your school chaperone travels for free, and a professional, knowledgeable, tour guide is included. Remember, you are the chaperone. You are met on-site at your location by a qualified tour guide who takes you and your participants on the guided tour.

(2) Can we pick our trip destination(s)?


You can choose a domestic trip, a Canadian trip, an international trip or even a service learning trip. They can be as customizable as you desire.

(3) I’m really too busy. How can I allocate the time?

It’s easy!

Trips are short, anywhere between 5-12 days. You choose the length of the trip you want.
They are scheduled over school breaks, or over the summer. It is really up to you.

(4) My students don’t have the money.

That is a common misconception!

Students (and their parents) are funding our trips all the time. Once they understand the educational benefits and the value, they find the funds. Think of what students spend on coffee and fast food everyday. A slight adjustment of this daily spend, over time, can fund a trip.

(5) I have no experience in this. Where do I start and how do I know what to do to get participants signed up and ready to go?

No Problem!

We routinely do this and will help you. Once you decide on a trip destination, we will put it together and walk you through this fairly simple process of chaperoning a trip, either domestically, or internationally.

(6) Do I lead the tour myself?

No you don’t!

You are met on-sight at the airport by qualified tour leaders who guide you and your group the entire trip.

(7) How many participants do I need to get to be able to go free?

As little as 6. And for every additional 6 paying participants, you will get another seat free.

(8) How do students pay for these trips?

Many examples including, adding extra hours at work, early presents from mom/dad or grandma/grandpa, financial aid, fundraising activities, or simply watching more what they spend and saving that cup of coffee expense each day.

(9) a.We do trips ourselves and don’t use a third party, b. We already use a third party for our trips.

That is great!

You are in the top half of community colleges that do travel for students.

a. Please be aware that using a third party for traveling abroad is much easier, saves a bunch of time and is much better in terms of liabilities to your school.

b. You can use more than one third party provider. Providers differ from each other in service, trip options and tour guides.

(10) And study abroad also directly adds strategic value to our students success, in gaining, engaging, retaining and graduating students at a higher level, parallel to our mission, vision and strategic objectives?

It sure does!

We even include documentation validating these strategic outcomes, for you and your colleagues.

 How can I learn more?

It’s simple!

Reach out to me and I’ll connect you to someone like you. There are faculty who do this multiple times a year and would love to share their successes with you and your school.

Thank You,
Tom McDonald,, 1-608-788-5144

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