Nov 162011

Effective Learning: Redefining the ‘e’ in eLearning

Effective Learning: By Lance Dublin, Training industry Quarterly Fall 2011

Tom McDonald’s Comments:

This article reinforces what I’ve been saying about learning and learning transfer. The focus is now on effective learning, which occurs within an instructor facilitated, blended learning environment, that incorporates research proven, personalizedaccelerated learning methodologies, integrated into personalized learning technology (think differentiated learning and differentiated reinforcement)


The focus is no longer on how technology makes learning more efficient. The focus is now on the learning itself and how we can enhance it. Learning is being executed via many channels and approaches whether it’s in a formal, informal or social context. The goal is to improve what we’re doing so we can get the results we want and need. In this article from the Fall 2011 issue of Training Industry Quarterly e-magazine, we focus on the effectiveness of learning to solve real business and organizational problems as well as create new opportunities for innovation.

effective learning


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