Jul 082011

Educational Excellence KIPP Co-Founder Mike Feinberg on KIPP Turbo and His New Gig

Educational Excellence: By Rick Hess on July 7, 2011 |via Education Week

Mike Feinberg is co-founder of the KIPP Academies and superintendent of KIPP Houston, which serves more than 6,000 students in 18 schools. In 2007, KIPP Houston announced its “KIPP Turbo” educational excellence plan, under which it aims to grow into a Pre-K to 12 network of 42 schools. The goal is to enroll 10 percent of the students in Houston, making KIPP Houston by far the largest network of charter schools in one city. As part of this effort, Mike recently announced that he’d be shifting roles to focus on fundraising, advocacy, and external relations, while handing the superintendency of KIPP Houston off to a successor. If you’re not familiar with Mike’s story, you can check out Jay Mathews’ KIPP book, Work Hard, Be Nice for an immensely readable, if pretty syrupy, account. Anyway, with Mike changing roles and with KIPP Houston well into its ambitious growth plan, I thought it’d be interesting to chat with Mike about looming challenges and lessons learned.

Rick Hess:Can you tell me a bit about the KIPP Houston eductional excellence growth plan?

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