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Jun 202011

Instructional Design – Beginning Instructional Authoring: Color Me Matching, Part 2

Instructional Design: By Patti Shank, May 12, 2011, Learning Solutions Magazine

There are two ways to remove PowerPoint clip art backgrounds: remove them surgically, or make them invisible. Here are the step-by-step instructions for both methods, and guidance for when to use each.

Clip art on eLearning slides can look like dumb old clip art (yuck) or like attractive design elements. The effect we should be after is a cohesive design, and clip art can certainly fit in if the designer uses it well. Last month I talked about PowerPoint image editing capabilities and matching and recoloring clip art. This month, I’ll be showing you how to remove clip art backgrounds so that your clip art blends more seamlessly with your project colors.

Instructional Design


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