Jul 062011

Learning Objectives: Do Your Learning Objectives Match Strategies and Outcomes?

Learning Objectives: By Jane Bozarth, July 5, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine
“Talking is easy. Presenting bullet points is easy. Figuring out how to reach the other domains – to provide psychomotor practice or to elicit an emotional response – is your challenge in developing effective eLearning.”

“The problem with most learning objectives is that they tend not to relate to anything anyone will actually be able to do in this world.” Roger Schank, Lessons in Training, Learning, and eLearning.

The learning objectives of your program will drive the design. What are the desired performance outcomes? It can be hard to keep these in sight when caught up in designing. And it can be challenging to develop objectives that support real-world performance. “Academic” objectives, such as, “The participant will list, define,
describe. . .” are easy to write, and they’re easy to teach to (lecture, bulleted slides), and they’re easy to test (matching, multiple choice). But is any learning taking place that will be of any use in the workplace? I’ve never had a boss ask me to “list” anything.

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