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K-12 Accountability

K-12 Accountability – Quality Counts 2017

K-12 Accountability – ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act, Annual Report


K-12 Accountability

K-12 Accountability – View Quality Counts 2017, the annual report grading the state of K-12 education in the U.S., online now.

With just months to go until the nation’s overhauled K-12 law goes into effect, state policymakers are still scrambling to firm up the infrastructure for their education systems, under the new blueprint laid out in the Every Student Succeeds Act. Quality Counts 2017 looks at the steps states are taking to turn ESSA’s blueprint into a finished structure—and the challenges of doing it by the time the bell rings for the 2017-18 school year.

The report also features comprehensive, summative grades for the nation and the states on a range of custom indicators developed over the years by the Education Week Research Center: the Chance-for-Success Index, the K-12 Achievement Index, and the school finance analysis.

State Report Cards Map [Interactive]

This interactive map offers a quick way to examine state-by-state grades and summary data.

State Highlights Reports

Looking for detailed state data? The State Highlights Reports assemble findings on each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and compare individual state data against national statistics. Click here to download detailed data for your state.

Nation’s Schools Get Middling Grade on Quality Counts Report Card

Overall, the nation’s schools earn a C on educational performance in the Education Week Research Center’s latest annual report, based on a range of key indicators.

Scrambling to Fill Out ESSA’s Policy Details

Tricky Balance in Shifting From ESSA Blueprint to K-12 Reality

States’ Capacity a Nagging Issue as ESSA Gears Up

Making Sure That Schools Measure Up Under ESSA

Assessing Quality of Teaching Staff Still Complex Despite ESSA’s Leeway

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