Apr 252012

Teacher Collaboration in Public Education

Teacher Collaboration: Via EdSurge, 04/24/12

According to a recent study from the Gates Foundation and Scholastic, teachers only spend around 15 minutes of an eight-hour work day collaborating with colleagues. In an op-ed from The Atlantic, Mr. Jeffery Mirel and Ms. Simona Goldin (both of the University of Michigan) argue that the small number can be attributed to a lack of common curriculum. To be clear, they mean a common set of curriculum materials, not just Common Core standards. What’s more, they say, is the need for resources that “support teachers’ understanding of the curriculum” and “develop an ethos of collaboration within schools” — an ethos they fear could be blunted by the emerging merit-pay practices. What have you found? Do you collaborate with colleagues? Would you collaborate less if there were bonuses in the play?


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