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AA ISP selects BrainX On-line System for CISP® Accreditation Program

AA ISP: [Thomas McDonald, Principal at McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC, aa isphttps://www.mcdonaldsalesandmarketing.biz/  and an AA ISP registered member, is the BrainX Sales Agent of Record,  responsible for facilitating the  relationship between these two stellar organizations].
AA ISP: Thursday April 21, 2011 – 09:01 AM EDT
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AA ISP: Minneapolis, MN (WiredPRNews.com)

Today, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA ISP) [http://www.aa-isp.org/index2.php] announced the selection of the BrainX On-line Learning System to deliver their Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP®®) Accreditation program. “The profession of inside sales has grown very rapidly across the globe with new jobs being created at a 10% annual growth rate” stated Larry Reeves, the association’s COO. “Given this growth and the focus, corporations are looking to inside sales as a key component of its sales coverage strategy. We felt a need to both identify and then test the set of competencies and skills required at the individual rep level”, stated Reeves. AA ISP Founder and CEO, Bob Perkins goes on to note, “For years corporations have made significant investments in hiring, training, and on-boarding inside sales professionals. Yet there remains a need to, quantify, measure, and then test these skills to assure an individual was competent. We selected BrainX because their unique on-line learning system. If a salesperson doesn’t meet the required knowledge and skill level the BrainX on-line learning system builds a personal set of Sales Courses and simulations to help the salesperson master the required knowledge and skills so they can pass the accreditation requirements.

“As we looked at on-line systems we saw immediately how The BrainX patented technology would not only help us to present and test the CISP® materials but ultimately helps the learner to master the skills required to be a CISP®… “stated Perkins. As companies are expecting a much higher level of professionalism and sales results from its inside forces, our member community needs something that goes beyond the current training methods. We found part of our answer in the neuroscience of learning and BrainX, a company leading the way in brain research based online learning solutions. Bruce Lewolt the CEO of BrainX says he is proud that an organization that understands the world of sales training as well as the AA ISP would recognize the value of personalized sales training that is mastery based.

Having observed, benchmarked, and coached literally thousands of inside sales reps, Perkins and Reeves know just how inconsistent some of these skills can be from rep to rep. Often times inside sales reps know what to do or say on the phone, but they lack the ability to perform it day in and day out on a consistent basis. To consistently perform at a high level the salesperson must have mastery of the knowledge and skills. It must be second nature so they can execute at a sub-conscious level like one does when riding a bike.

Lewolt agrees and added that it is only with this level of mastery that the conscious centers of the brain are freed up to really listen to what the customer is saying well enough to be able to read between the lines and figure out what it really driving the customer.

The BrainX On-line Learning system is an intelligent system that uses a series of knowledge, skill and belief assessments and builds a cognitive learning profile on each learner. The BrainX Digital Tutor uses the first set of assessments to figure out just what each sales person should focus on and combines this with the personal cognitive profile to mold the delivery of the lesson content and simulations in a way that helps each individual master the required set of skills and competencies in the shortest amount of time so they can obtain their CISP®.

“Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that every salesperson who has the drive to reach a high level of performance and be the best, has the support they need to pass the certification”, stated Reeves. “We selected BrainX because of the system’s unique ability to help us meet this goal.” Reeves goes on to say ”In addition to the leading edge learning system, we found the BrainX team to bring knowledge and expertise that has us to develop a better program.”

About the AA ISP
The American Association of inside Sales Professionals ( AA ISP ) is dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. As the only association of its kind, the AA ISP serves as an authoritative resource to leaders and individual sales representatives who want to take their organization and careers to the next level of professionalism and performance. Our mission is accomplished through an industry-specific focus on leadership and individual development, member forums and networking, best practice sharing, individual training, career development, sales accreditation and annual conferences. Learn more at www.aa-isp.org

About BrainX
BrainX is the next generation of online learning and Talent Management!
BrainX is the first system to combine patented intelligent learning technology with mastery-based, learning strategies. BrainX participated in the landmark research on the neurobiology of effective sales training and used this research to design the BrainX system. The result is a system that accepts any type of content (e.g. product training, sales training, negotiation training) and stores the content in a way that allows the BrainX Digital Tutor to understand the content. The BrainX system figures out just what each person already knows along with what they need to learn. The system uses this information along with the understanding of the lesson content to build personalized lessons that teach each person just what they need: to know; to be able to do; and to believe about why something needs to be done in the correct way. With BrainX the days of one size fits all sales training courses are gone forever. The BrainX system also builds a cognitive learning profile on each learner and uses this information to customize the way lessons are taught and to determine how much post lesson reinforcement each sales person needs. This approach is so effective that when compared to traditional online learning, BrainX users achieve mastery in 50% less time. www.BrainX.com

Instead of superficial learning, which is quickly forgotten, the BrainX system is research proven to teach content to the point of mastery. Mastery ensures that material won’t be forgotten and produces the long-term adaptive reasoning skills required to dramatically improve sales performance.

About the CISP®®

The Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP®) Accreditation is the Industry’s first and only professional inside sales credential. The CISP® accreditation was developed to establish and measure the fundamental skills and competencies critical for today’s Inside Sales Professionals. From the quality of the preparatory content to the thoroughness of the “live” sales call examination, the CISP® delivers the highest standard of excellence. Organizations can hire a CISP® with confidence, knowing they are serious about their careers and have the skills to be successful in today’s demanding selling environment.

The CISP® program will be unveiled at the upcoming 2011 Inside Sales Leadership Summit which will be held May 10th and 11th in Minneapolis, MN.

Learn more at www.aa-isp.org
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