Twitter Apps for the Learning Pro

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Jul 082011

Twitter Apps for the Learning Pro

By Terrence Wing, July 7, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine

“Twitter apps are not the answer to every learning professional’s prayer. There are limits as well as benefits that twitter apps will have on learning outcomes. This article is meant as a resource to give you a start on your treasure hunt for twitter apps.”

Over 650-million tweets per day and you still haven’t found value in Twitter? Statistically, that seems improbable unless you’re not trying. This isn’t one of those articles that boasts or even ridicules the use of Twitter. There are as many uses for Twitter apps as there are reasons to not use it.

With that said, my aim is to help you get the most value out of Twitter, should you decide to include it in your personal learning strategy or that of your organization.

What follows is an index of various apps that can improve your experience with Twitter from a learning professional’s perspective. The index is organized in five categories.

twitter apps


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