Dec 182015

Degree Guarantee

TruePromise guarantees students a degree and a job


Tom’s comments:

This is conceptually, what students are looking for and is most assuredly is a step in the right direction.

But have they gone far enough to ensure sustained student success outcomes, by integrating research proven, best practices specific to:

  • 21st century deep learning methodologies?
  • Educationally innovative technology?
  • Relevant curriculum?
  • Ongoing, individual student, relevant, facilitation and coaching?

In a perfect world, they would have real student, graduation outcome, case studies of relevant success stories.


Degree Guarantee -TruePromise program promises Buena Vista University students will receive a solid internship experience, a degree in four years and a job within six months of graduation

degree guaranteeStarting in Fall 2016, all incoming first-year Buena Vista University (BVU) Storm Lake campus students will be eligible for BVU’s new TruePromise program, which promises three important outcomes to students and parents.

Degree Guarantee –TruePromise is a formal promise to students that they will locate a meaningful internship, earn a degree in at least one major within four years and secure a job or entrance to graduate or professional school within six months of graduation.

“TruePromise allows us to focus on student success now more than ever before and further nurture students’ passions into life-fulfilling and rewarding careers,” said Moore. “Whether students are immersed in the world of business, education, science or other fields, TruePromise ensures that BVU can challenge higher-level thinking skills, build unforgettable experiences and promise success for all.”

TruePromise was developed to help students and their families address concerns about college affordability and their expectations regarding the value of a college degree. By promising graduation in four years, BVU is decreasing the overall time and costs associated with earning a degree.

“A college education is a worthwhile investment, and making sure you can get a return on that investment – the best college experience possible and the best start to your future – is an important part of determining where to make that investment,” said BVU President Fred Moore.

BVU’s responsibilities are three-fold to match each promise within TruePromise. If a student does not find an external internship, BVU will arrange an on-campus internship within the student’s area of interest. If a student does not graduate within four years, due to the number of courses required, BVU will fund tuition for an additional semester at BVU. If a student does not secure a job or enter graduate or professional school after graduation, BVU will fund one semester of classes toward a BVU master’s degree or toward extra BVU coursework, chosen by the student, in order to improve his or her resume.

“This is a promise made between the University and the student. We both have to do our part to uphold the promise,” said Moore. “If the University offers students the opportunities to achieve these three promises, and the student does his or her part to fulfill the benchmarks, then the student should achieve these milestones. If that does not happen, BVU is stepping up to make good on the promise.”

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