Sales Leads: 6 Tips for Converting Sales Leads

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Jul 292011

Sales Leads: 6 Tips for Converting Sales Leads

Sales Leads: By Cameron, National Sales Manager at emedia

Sales Leads: You’ve booked the inclusion, created excellent content, had a great response and now it’s make or break time.

This quick guide will help emedia customers learn how to follow-up their sales leads in a way which will optimise the likelihood of converting them into sales.


Sales Leads: Before the call…

1. Do your research

Your prospect downloaded your marketing offer for a reason. You should find out why. If your sales lead found you via a demo or trial, chances are they know more about your product than someone who read one of your white papers, so use this as an indication of how much detail you’ll need to go into about your business.

 Sales Leads: During the call…

 2. Memory  jog

A strong introduction goes a long way; if you launch into a sales pitch without referencing where you found their contact details, they’ll assume you’re calling at random. Instead, remind them WHICH bulletin they received, WHEN they received it and WHAT they responded to. Tell them of the title and subject matter of your advert and what you were offering- this will remind them of the advert and why they responded, which will in turn make them more open to your call.

This is also a good way to get them to open up about their needs and why the advert may have struck a nerve with them, enabling you to start explaining how your company can help.

Sales Leads:

3. Adapt Your Follow-up to the Sales Lead

Every sale you make is going to be different, so don’t fall into a rut by using the same sales approach for everyone.

#  Take a look at the role of your contact within their organisation.
#  Find the pain points they experience and show them how your solution can fix it.

By approaching the prospect with a tailored message, you’re more likely to get the response you’re looking for; e.g. be prepared with financial facts and figures for Financial Directors, with holistic strategies for top executives and technical details for IT staff.

Keep conversations and emails light and demonstrate to the sales prospect that you’re interested in helping them solve a problem their organisation is having. Ask questions and LISTEN! The aim is to figure out the prospect’s problem then present them with a solution… yours!

Sales Leads:

4. Follow-up Promptly

Can you remember what emails you responded to yesterday afternoon? How about the day before that? No? That’s because we’re bombarded with email messages every day and, as a result, our concentration spans are greatly reduced.

The fact that your advert managed to hit a nerve with a potential customer and hold their interest long enough to get to your website, doesn’t mean that they’ll remember this several days later. With this in mind, call sales leads while your advert is still likely to be at the forefront of a customer’s mind- which means as soon as possible!

Sales Leads: After the call…

5. Diarise

When ending a sales call, offer a follow-up time frame. This gives your contact time to learn more about your solution, their needs and budget and will also appear more courteous, showing that you’re willing to call at a time that’s most convenient for them.

Use different methods to follow up and stay in touch. For example, an email introducing yourself, a telephone call followed by an invitation to a networking site, such as LinkedIn after  your conversation.

Sales Leads:

6. Make the Most of Every Prospect

Just because a contact doesn’t have a current need for your product or service, doesn’t mean they won’t in the foreseeable future. By keeping in contact with your sales prospect, over time, you’ll  create a rapport that could turn into a sale.

Moreover, the more contacts you nurture, the better your chances of penetrating the account over time.


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