Aug 232011

Sales: 7 Signs You Need to Walk Away From a Sale

Sales:  By Kelley Robertson,

Here are seven red flags where you should walk away from an opportunity

1. Your prospect makes unrealistic demands.

Anytime a potential customer starts making unrealistic demands—whatever those demands are—you need to seriously consider whether it makes sense to continue moving that conversation forward.

2. The terms and conditions constantly change.

It’s not unreasonable to expect the occasional change in your agreement. However, if your prospect continually makes changes, that should raise a red flag or sound a warning bell.

3. Your key contact refuses to answer questions and just wants “your best price”.

I don’t like to compete on price and neither should you. If a potential customer calls and refuses to engage in a meaningful conversation, you should walk away.

4. Price is the focal point of the discussion.

Unless you are the lowest priced product on the block, it’s unlikely you will win this game. Plus, even if you do have the best price, chances are, your prospect will still try to negotiate.

5. The other person behaves in an unethical manner.

If your key contact demonstrates and unethical behaviour such as requesting a kickbacks or special favors smack or anything else that goes against your value system, you should consider whether it makes sense to move forward.



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