Oct 102011

Learning Mastery: Personalization with Ongoing Reinforcement is Key

Learning Mastery: By  Tom McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC 

When we talk about individual learning mastery (fluency) of critical information in any context, I think we need to first define how our learning process and research based learning methodologies will advance strategic  individual performance, consistent with strategic organizational objectives.
Then, we need to critically and openly analyze if our chosen methods for individual strategic learning will be consistent with our desired individual strategic outcomes.
Traditional ‘learning’ is deeply entrenched in the one-to-many approach where one size fits all (think lecture). Unfortunately real individual learning to fluency (mastery) seldom occurs in this environment and when it does, is does not follow the shortest individual path.
If your chosen learning platform does not incorporate proven research based, personalized, one-to-one, learning methodologies, you will still be promoting an ineffective and inefficient way to individually learn.
We still erroneously think that one size fits all approach, that is delivered individually through cool technology, is miraculously transformed into a  personalized, one to one, learning environment. It’s not. The individual accessibility is dramatically improved, but the individual learning outcomes are not.
If we are serious about advancing individual learning outcomes, we need to mentally take a brief step back from the cool technology and critically analyze how the ‘new’ learning approach differs from the old learning approach and whether the new approach will effectively and efficiently advance individual  learning outcomes.
Individual learning to fluency, in the shortest time possible, requires a one-to-one-approach, with personalized, ongoing, spacing, pacing and reinforcement. Anything less will create ineffective, inefficient and  inconsistent individual learning outcomes.
Lets raise the learning bar and ask for these research proven, critical, individual learning to mastery ingredients, to be integrated into our learning platforms. We then can establish new and improved individual learning  benchmarks.

Unless your learning approach differs from the traditional one-to-many approach, I’m sure you will not be following the shortest individual path to learning mastery; individual  learning, application, transfer and behavior change.


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