Empowering Students Success

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Jun 202016

Empowering Students Success

Empowering Students Success – Online Learning Going Personal

empowering students success

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The Problem: Empowering Students Success- BY RONALD BETHKE, June 17th, 2016
empowering students success

Empowering Students Success – Personalized support and advising achieved through new advances in technology and data analytics are all recommended for helping today’s online students.

In a recent online learning panel, innovative institutions that have achieved measurable success in their online learning programs waxed poetic on how harnessing technology to bolster personalized learning experiences is the key to online learning’s success; specifically in helping students advance toward their educational goals and create a culture of success.

The panel was part of A recent webinar hosted by The New Media Consortium (NMC) called “Getting Personal,” and featured insight from college and university IT and technology leaders on how advancements in online learning environments and adaptive learning technologies are making it possible to support learners’ individual paths…..

….The panel also agreed that mobile apps, learning analytics, open educational resources, dedicated e-portfolio systems for capturing competencies, and student management systems should also all be integrated together as cohesively as possible in order to create the smoothest possible online experience for a student….

….This sentiment also speaks to another that was consistently reiterated by the panelists, which is that institutions need to constantly adjust to and embrace the rapid changes that often come in the education environment in order to best serve their students. This includes potentially embracing competency-based education ideals.

Similarly, it was noted that institutions should consistently be on the lookout for students who are struggling and provide them with the necessary resources for success, which is another important aspect of personalized learning. Again, clear-cut course guidelines and personalized feedback from classes go a long way in helping students to prosper as well, agreed the panelists….

….“Hopefully we’ll be able to empower them on a continuous basis and make them students of lifelong learning.”…

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