Jun 092011

Learning Management Systems take on K-12 Role

Learning Management Systems: With online learning on the rise, more K-12 schools are adopting Learning Management Systems software

Learning Management Systems: By Jennifer Nastu, June 7th, 2011, via eSchool News
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Learning Management Systems software can be used to supplement traditional instruction.

Online and blended learning have taken off in the last few years—and that has spurred more interest in learning management systems (LMS) software among K-12 schools.

A Learning Management Systems is a software program that allows for the administration, delivery, and tracking of classroom or online events and eLearning programs. A robust Learning Management Systems facilitates the planning and organization of online learning events, as well as the centralization and delivery of content, discussions boards, and other online resources. It lets teachers communicate with parents, assign and collect projects online, host discussions, and track a student’s progress.

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