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Education Reform: Public Debates “Personalized Learning” in Race to the Top

Education Reform: By Jason Tomassini on June 12, 2012 5:52 PM

Jason Tomassini, in Education Week writes about the  new draft proposal for Race to the Top competition for school districts announced last month.

He and his colleague summarize the most notable from the pool of nearly 500 comments from state education officials and urban schools officials, and from think tanks.

There were also several comments from the private sector and technology community regarding the competition’s focus on “personalized learning”.

If race to the top is on your priority list along with personalized learning, this is a must read.

The full article and my comments are below.

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TomMcDonald’s Comments:

11:56 AM on June 13, 2012

The learning research is copious and solid that for long term, individual learning, individual learning transfer and individual adaptive reasoning skills (application of knowledge) to occur …

…the new learning model must mirror: teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning, over time in a blended learning environment, supplemented by truly personalized learning technology

This brain based, learning research proven, model, l must replace the incumbent one to many teaching model, which is not working

This simply requires a paradigm change from a teaching model to a learning model.

Teacher facilitated, brain based, truly personalized learning technology has been available since 2000 and has advanced learning transfer and adaptive reasoning skills for 1,000’s of ELL, special ed, below grade, at risk students empowering them to reach grade level, pass exit exams, graduate and use the learned information long term.

If it’s all about long term, individual learning and the research proven solution is differentiated instruction, over time and differentiated reinforcement, over time, why are we open to looking at solutions that don’t fit this profile?

We know what works and what doesn’t work for learning.

We need to follow the proven learning research and implement it with teacher facilitated proven, personalized learning technology.

We need to consistently and individually transfer the proven learning theory, so we are consistent with our learning

Time has run out to try learning fads and other unproven learning methodologies.

My website is dedicated to truly personalized learning and the new learning model. It provides proven solutionss for students and schools
Let’s follow the learning research and implement proven learning solutions that integrate proven learning research




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