Jul 062011

Consulting – Book Review: Consulting Basics by Joel Gendelman

Consulting: By Bill Brandon; June 28, 2011, Via trainingmagazine.com

Everyone has those days when they are ready to bust out of whatever job they are in, certain that they can do better on their own. Alas, this is not always a wise thing to do, and most people, after considering matters more soberly, decide to remain in a traditional job. Consulting is not for everyone. But for those who do make the move, it’s good to have a guide who has been down the road to self-employment in consulting and succeeded.

Joel Gendelman certainly qualifies as a good guide, and he has distilled his 25 years of experience into Consulting Basics. Joel is the founder and president of Future Technologies Inc. He has consulted for Fortune 100 companies and for very small companies as well. With a Masters and a Doctorate in Educational Technology, he also knows the learning profession well




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