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“Traditional Learning           vs. Accelerated Learning”


          Traditional Learning:                                                Accelerated Learning:

Learners are treated as machines, processed through the assembly line of learning, soulless receivers of “knowledge”.
Factory Approach   Constructivist Approach
The facilitator creates an interaction rich environment to invite learners to participate in learning, to take an active role and become a creator of their own learning.


The expert has the answers and presents the knowledge. The learner remains passive and gets “it” or doesn’t.
Trainer Centered   Learner Centered
Trainers see themselves as facilitators of each person’s learning. They create the right environment, the right activities for each person to learn and develop most easily. They focus on the learner and the learning, not on what they know or their “performance.”


The “it” the learner is supposed “to get” is some predetermined content. By delivering the content, the trainer’s job is complete.
Content Driven   Learning and Development
Facilitators emphasize the learning and the development of each learner as he/she masters the content and the process.




The learner sits and receives the knowledge from the front of the room where the trainer stands and delivers.
Sit and Get   Interaction and Involvement
Learning is a social process of mutual support and learning. Each person learns from their interaction with the facilitator, the environment, the content and each another. 


Whether number or letter grades or prizes for asking questions or giving the right answer, motivation is extrinsic. Learning is equated with getting the prize or avoiding failure. Some win, some lose, and few really learn.
Reward and Punishment   Intrinsic Motivation
AL creates a stimulating and inspiring learning environment in which learning and the sharing of knowledge is reward in and of itself. Each learner connects with the content at a personal, emotional level by experiencing what the learning means to him/her personally.


The “one method” is for everyone. If it is your preferred learning style, you succeed, otherwise…
One Size Fits All   Variety and Choice
A variety of activities and personal choice facilitates learning and development for each person


There is a win/lose culture that engenders a one against all culture.
Competition   Community
Collaboration and a sense of community support each individual’s learning.


Delivery of training consists of presenting the facts and information as transparencies or PowerPoint slides. Learners use their heads to memorize and to hopefully remember what they are supposed to know.
Cognitive Approach   Mind, body and Heart   
Learning involves more than just the head. It encompasses the whole person, the emotions, the body and movement, and expands thinking and widens perspective “



Accelerated supports learning at multiple levels, the emotional, the mental

Accelerated Learning supports learning at multiple levels, the emotional, the mental and the physical and taps into an develops the inner wisdom we all possess.

At it’s core AL is about enhancing the learning process by creating a rich learning environment and key experiences in which each person can move beyond limiting beliefs to tap into their potential, widen their perspective and learn anything quickly and easily.

Table and two paragraphs immediately above are  from Delphin



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