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Mar 132012

Teaching USA

Teaching USA:  A Met Life Report brought to you by EdSurge Instruct, A weekly newspaper for innovative educators, 03/13/12

TEACHING USA : Sobering results from the 28th annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, conducted by Harris Interactive. The major takeaways? For starters, moral has slipped. Some 44% of teachers say they’re very satistfied with their career choice, down from 59% in 2009. This NYT piece states that “More than half of teachers expressed at least some reservation about their jobs,” the largest percentage in 23 years. (We have seen worse times, though: only 33% of teachers said they were very satisfied with their jobs in 1986.)

Not quite as surprising but equally disturbing is the notion that education has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Mr. David Nagel reports in The Journal that “in urban areas, 43% of teachers reported that technology and educational materials have not been kept up to date.” The same holds true for a third of teachers in suburban areas. Get the executive summary here.



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