Jun 272011

Whiteboard: Teachers Hold the Real Keys to Whiteboard Effectiveness

Whiteboard: Educator skill seen to determine the technology’s impact

Whiteboard: By Mary Catherine O’Connor, Premium article access courtesy of Edweek.org.

Sandra Simoneaux holds her right hand, with her thumb and ring finger together, up in the air as if she is about to lead an orchestra. She holds it there for a few moments until her class of 18 rambunctious 3rd and 4th graders at Parker Elementary School, a public school in Oakland, Calif., settles down. She then turns back to the interactive whiteboard at the front of class to continue the day’s lesson, which includes math, language fluency, and comprehension, and which utilizes the whiteboard’s touchscreen, writing pens, an interactive quiz, and its ancillary student-response system.




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