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Nov 012011

Addie Model – Video: Overview of the ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Addie Model: Monday, October 31, 2011, Via Business Transformation World Blog

 Tom McDonalds Comments:
Many thanks to J Clark Gardner for creating this valuable ADDIE Model video series and for Business Transformation World Blog for sharing it.
To ensure individual learning and individual learning transfer occurs, please be sure to personalize your training /learning approach to each participant within a blended learning environment.
Proven, research based, learning theories/methodologies reflect that participant personalization, using differentiated instruction and differentiated reinforcement, ensures participant information mastery and participant information transfer of critical information.
You can design these personalized learning and reinforcement, accelerated learning methodologies into your content and delivery, or you can access personalized learning technology that integrates personalized learning and reinforcement, accelerated learning methodologies into the learning software.

Attention!!  Change Management, Business Transformation, and Training Practitioners. Do you need an ADDIE overview?  Then this post is for you.

This post presents five videos of the ADDIE Instructional Design Model (an overview).  The five videos were created by J Clark Gardner.Enjoy and don’t forget to share.




Video 1: Analysis

Video 2: Design
Video 3: Development
Video 5: Evaluation

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