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Learning Trends: Top 10 Trends in US Learner Audiences

Learning Trends: written by Joe DiDonato on April 23, 2011

Below is a “straw man” list that addresses the changing face of the US learner audience in both corporate and government enterprises. While some of these are also global in nature, the focus was to try to get a list together that better defines the US learner audience. Where I found source data, I’ve indicated it. As always, I appreciate your comments and challenges.

1. Generation X and Generation Y age groups are now estimated to make up 50% of Learning Audience (Gen X’ers were born in the 60′s and 70’s; Gen Y’ers first birth date was 1982 according to Iron Age)
2. Today’s learners will have 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38 (source: U.S. Dept of Labor)
3. 1 in 4 learners have been in their jobs for less than 1 year (source: U.S. Dept of Labor)
4. 1 in 2 learners have been in their jobs for less than 5 years (source: U.S. Dept of Labor)
5. Learners have more access to personal technology 
6. Learners are dealing with more rapid change in their work environments 
7. Learners are dealing with more complexity in their work environments
8. New learners are unprepared in science and math topics (Dr. James Canton – “The Extreme Future”)
9. Learner audiences are becoming more multicultural, more female, and more Hispanic (Dr. James Canton – “The Extreme Future”)
10. Learner attention has become a scarce resource (Source: Davenport & Beck – “A New Perspective on Business: Welcome to the Attention Economy”)

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