Oct 062011

Mastery Learning: Conquering the OK Plateau

Mastery Learning: By Joshua Foer, joshuafoer.com

I gave a talk on Friday at Behance’s 99% Conference about how to get past the OK Plateau, that point we reach when we decide we’re good enough at a task, turn on autopilot, and stop improving.

Experts have 4 things in common; They:

(1) Operate outside of their comfort zone and they study themselves failing

(2) Walk in shoes more competent than them

(3) Crave and thrive on immediate and constant feedback

(4) Treat what they do as a science; data, testing, metrics, best practices

Here’s the video:

Joshua Foer: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Study Yourself Failing from 99% on Vimeo.


Let me know if you and your colleagues are interested in conquering the OK Plateau, consistent with your organizational objectives. Tom


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