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Learning Management Systems: via wcet edu selection tools

Learning Management Systems – From TomMcDonald:  Note that this list is not all inclusive. Be certain that you match your learning management systems to your organizations strategic needs for learning management sytems (learning management technology).  Features and benefits are nice, but if your choice is inconsistent in delivering directly to your strategic objectives, or it requires extensive customization to meet your learning needs, you may have unpredicted trouble meeting your desired outcomes, consistent with your strategic objectives.

How to use this site

In your analysis and comparison of  Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Learning Technology, there are several ways to proceed through the site. Most users return several times in order to work through this process. There are three options:

  • Product Information

  • Compare Products

  • Make a Decision

Product Information

  • Product List

This section allows you to select a product and view a full list of the product’s features and their descriptions. If this is your first visit to EduTools, you may select a product to see how it is displayed.

Compare Products

This section allows for four distinct approaches to comparing products:

  • By Product Name
    If you know which products you would like to compare, you can select this option, and select the products you would like to compare. This view will show each product you select and list all the features and feature descriptions in a side-by-side view.
  • By Features
    If you do not have a clear set of products in mind, but you have some ideas about features you want, this is a good starting point for you. This option allows you to review and consider all of the available product features. You can first review all the features. Then, you are able to select a set of features that you want in your product, and this page will display the products with those features.
  • By Preselected Group
    This option is helpful for users who are new to the product and feature selection process. Products have been grouped by either certain features they have or have been identified as useful for certain audiences.
  • Compare products by developer
    This option gives you a list of products by developers.

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