Nov 112011

Sales Hiring: How to Hire Sales Talent with an Eye on ROI

Sales Hiring: By Eric Luhrs, Guru Selling, with Kathi Graham-Leviss, author of the Perfect Hire

sales hiringI regularly speak with sales managers and VP’s, and one of the most common issues I hear from them is that there is a “lack” of talented salespeople in today’s marketplace. But I also often hear stories of spending tons of money on sales recruits who are unceremoniously dumped just a few months later. So, is the problem a lack of sales talent? Or is it an inability to find the right people because you just don’t know HOW to identify them?
To tackle this highly important issue I asked Kathi Graham-Leviss, author of the Perfect Hire, to join me on my show.
In our interview we discovered:
*The obvious, and downright boneheaded, mistakes sales organizations make when hiring new people
*The proper way to create benchmarks for new salespeople
*The right way to reward salespeople so they stay instead of stray
*And much more
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