Jun 102011

Learning Evaluation: Developing Valid Level 2 Evaluation

Learning Evaluation: By Ken Phillips, Phillips Associates

Learning Evaluation: Many workplace learning professionals are uninformed in the art and science of test creation. This leads them to develop questions that either contain obvious clues to the correct answer or are overly difficult and discourage participants from getting the right answer.

In either case, the result is an invalid Level 2 evaluation – one that doesn’t measure what it is supposed to and is either unfair to the learner or to the organization. 

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New World Level 2 article

Implementing the Four Levels  

Level 1 – ReactionTo what degree participants react favorably to the learning event  
Level 2 – LearningTo what degree participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, and attitudes based on their participation in the learning event  
Level 3 – BehaviorTo what degree participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job  
Level 4 – ResultsTo what degree targeted outcomes occur, as a result of learning event(s) and subsequent reinforcement  

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