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Sales Management – CSO Perspective: Barry Trailer on Sales Management

sales managementCSO Insights: Hiring New Sales Reps is Just the Beginning
Hello Tom,
Many of us are hiring new sales reps and managers for 2012 right now.
Preliminary results of our 2012 Sales Performance study show that 64% of survey takers need over
7 months to make a new sales rep fully productive. The reps we’re hiring now need to contribute to
2012 revenues, not 2013. We need to get them up to speed more quickly!
Our research also shows that coaching sales reps is the #1 key to helping reps ramp up. I’m sending
you the article Barry Trailer on Sales Management, which outlines a framework for productive coaching.
A greater emphasis on coaching now will be a great step forward in helping your new hires contribute
to your 2012 revenue attainment.
Download the Article >> Barry Trailer on Sales Management
Best regards, Laura Andrus, CSO Liaison, CSO Insights, 716.213.3562
It’s not too late to take the 2012 Sales Performance Optimization survey and get the full report
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>>“If managers try to coach without metrics, the mirror they’re holding up is like a fun-house                                           mirror that shows a distorted reflection of the individual’s performance. In these cases,                                                   even though the manager is well intentioned, the rep will just say, “I know that’s not true                                                  (accurate),” and so they may ignore it altogether”. – Please click on link immediately below:

My Gift to Sales Leaders (No Costs  – Ever): Web based, Interactive, Dynamic,  Sales Metrics Toolset

>>“So, the number one key for improved rep performance is coaching and the number one key                                for coaching is having timely, accurate, relevant, individualized metrics” – Please click on link immediately                          below, then view item III:

Sales Performance Improvement Comprehensive Toolset

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