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Differentiated (Truly Personalized), Educationally Innovative, Deep, Adaptive, Learning to Advance/Accelerate Individual Learning Outcomes AND Individual Performance Improvement, Consistent with Strategic Individual and Organization Objectives: My focus is long term learning, transfer and application of critical, must know, information: Where individual, long term, critical must know learning, = Appropriate, Professionally Facilitated: initial understanding, ongoing reinforcement, fluency/mastery, recall (eliminating forgetting), application, stick/behavior change, adaptive reasoning skills, in the most effective and most efficient way possible Consistent with the new, long term, learning model: “ Instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning, over time, with Instructor facilitated, truly personalized reinforcement, over time, in an Instructor facilitated, truly personalized, blended learning environment, over time” [ Supported by instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning technology, over time]. My website and my blog (960+ unique and varied posts) support advanced/accelerated learning, supplemented by brain based, research driven, classroom proven, truly personalized learning technology:

educationally innovative

educationally innovative

educationally innovative

I.    Tom McDonald authored web posts:

(1)    Newsletter sales Presentation Toolset

(2)    Ezine @rticles

(3)    Integrating Sales Training and Implementation

(4)    10 Critical Steps that Ensure Learning Occurs

(5)    Newsletters: Monthly Archive

(6)    10 Critical Components that Guarantee Learning will Stick (Transfer)

(7)    The Future of Selling; is there anything new in Sales Training?

(8)    Verbal Skills Mastery; Role-playing 2.0

(9)    Why appropriate application is so important to individual performance improvement

(10)  How you Make Training (learning ) Stick


(12)   Who is Responsible for the Transfer of Learning?

(13)   Learning Mastery: Personalization with Ongoing Reinforcement is Key

(14)   Ensuring Learners Are Reaching The Top of their Learning Game

(15)   Personalized Learning: What is Truly Personalized Learning?

(16)   Personalized Learning with Ongoing, Integrated, Distributed Practice

(17)   Performance Improvement from Advanced Learning Outcomes

(18)   What is the New Role of the Learning Facilitator?

(19)   Reinforcement Schedules

(20)  Learning: Is Learning Strategically Important?

(21)   Education Reform: Supporting Articles Validating the need for Education Reform

(22)   Research shows 3 ways going digital improves student performance

(23). How to Scale Personalized Learning


Tom McDonald,; 608-788-5144; Skype: tsmw5752

Tom McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

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