Jul 072011

Blended Learning: Lessons Learned Converting Instructor-based Pilot Training to Blended Learning

Blended Learning: By Mike Dickinson, July 6, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine

Despite the going-in goal of cutting the academic instructor staff by half, we found that with the data we collected from students and their instructors we were able to recommend a prudent blend of instructor-led and computer-based training, blended learning, which resulted in about a 35-40% staff reduction, not 50%. We also had the surprising outcome of improving the academic experience by adopting blended learning strategies that we tailored to each course.

Several years ago I had the good fortune to work on a project that was the ideal laboratory for learning what works with a blended learning curriculum. When I deal with contemporary issues and opportunities such as multi-tasking learners and “informalizing formal learning,” the insights I gained from that project still serve as my benchmark for what works from the learner’s perspective.

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