Education Research Rubics

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Sep 222016

Education Research Rubics

Education Research Rubics – Here are relevant tools for YOU to Assess what will Measurably Advance Student Success Outcomes, the Defined Objective in Education

Education Research Rubics – ALL of the research, reflects a total replacement, a paradigm change, FROM the incumbent, 20th Century, one size fits all teaching, TO educationally innovative, best practices, teacher facilitated, 21st Century learning, enabled by educationally innovative software, run on common devices, in a blended and flipped learning environment.

The research also reflects that there is not total engagement with the research.

So, unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, without any access to civilization, or you are in complete and total denial, traditional education has room for student success outcomes improvement.

To achieve, effective, efficient, consistent, affordable student success outcomes, educationally innovative software must be implemented at the district level.

So how do you make sense out of your varied, educationally innovative, software choices? Or, how do you access methodology, to determine which of your choices have best supported their student success claims with credible, legitimate research? Or how do you guarantee that your choice will do what it claims to do in advancing student success outcomes?

You need to access, understand and appropriately use these tools, to validate the research claims of your educationally innovative, software vendor choices, that align with your strategic objectives in advancing student success outcomes.

Finding What Works in Learning: A Rubric for Analyzing Research Studies of Curricular Programs

Best Practices for Evaluating Digital Curricula

Alive in the Swamp: Assessing Digital Innovations in Education

Hattie Ranking: 195 Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement

Piagetian programs

Evaluating Studies of Ed-Tech Products

Evidence Based Education

Research in Education

Is this list all inclusive? I don’t think so.

You MUST define first, what is your problem to fix. Then you MUST understand the proven, best practices, research, that solves that problem. This corresponding research, e.g. innovative advanced, deep, adaptive learning software: pre-test, individualized learning plan, distributed practice, post-test,; MUST be seamlessly integrated into the educationally innovative software. Then you MUST vet each of your choices using the tools above. Once you have decided on a solution,  a return on investment calculation (ROI) should be made, using your existing student success benchmarks and your solutions, advanced, student success metrics.  This will validate your strategic investment, based upon defined student success outcomes, over time. You MUST then beta test your choice within your district, using the same research criteria reflected above, to prove your expected ROI. If all makes sense, you then roll it out to the district.

ALL participants, or defined, responsible, accountable, representatives of each stakeholder group, must collectively engage the problem, the research, the solution, the vetting process for solution providers and the beta test. They MUST take ownership of the solution from the beginning throughout the process.

Once you have decided that educationally innovative technology is necessary to advance your student success outcomes, you can access this very affordable research report, to determine your solution options, consistent with your defined strategic objectives.

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education research rubics