Jun 132011

Vocabulary Learning: Are Smartphones Useful For Vocabulary Learning? An Appraisal

Vocabulary Learning: By Neil Ballantyne, June 13, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine

Hong Kong is at the leading edge of smartphone penetration — 58% ownership compared to North America’s 41%, according to recent reports. In Hong Kong it is not unusual to be on the MTR (the local subway system) and be surrounded by commuters, each and every one of them glued to either an iPhone or, increasingly, an Android device.

With Hong Kong trying to position itself as “Asia’s World City,” language learning is a common pastime. Despite Hong Kong only having a population of seven million, it is one of the highest consumers of language learning apps in the world. In fact, Hong Kong is comparable in this respect to the whole of Thailand or Saudi Arabia — the other large markets for mobile language learning applications.

Vocabulary acquisition and mobile learning: a good match?

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