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Dec 302016

Cost Learning

Cost Learning – How Long Does it Take to Develop Learning and What is the Cost of Learning Development?

Cost Learning – By Bryan Chapman, Chapman Alliance

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cost learning

Cost Learning – Executive Summary:

Research Participants: 249 companies organizations, representing 3,947 learning development professionals, who have created content consumed by 19,875,946 learners.

All results are shown as ratios, showing number of hours of development to create 1 finished hour of learning (output)

Instructor-Led Training – including front end analysis, design, lesson plans, handouts, workbooks, PowerPoint, SME reviews of content to be used during live, face-to-face learning events.

22:1 – ILT training, Simple learning content, possible repurposing of learning source material, with minimal learning support materials

43:1 – ILT training, average project for creating corporate ILT class with well documented deliverables (Lesson Plan, Handouts, Workbooks, PowerPoint Visuals)

82:1 – ILT training, Complex subject matter, very custom, extended time spent on formatting classroom deliverables

Level 1 eLearning (Basic) – Including content pages, text, graphics, perhaps simple audio, perhaps simple video, test questions. NOTE: PowerPoint-to-eLearning often falls into this category. Basically pages with assessment

49:1 – eLearning output, Rapid Development, Simple Content, Specialized Authoring Tools (i.e. PowerPoint to eLearning tools)

79:1 – eLearning output, Most typical (average) Level 1 eLearning Content

125:1 – eLearning output, Complex projects, difficult to produce, more media production

Level 2 eLearning (Interactive) – Level 1 eLearning content plus 25% (or more) interactive exercises, allowing learners to perform virtual “try it” exercises, liberal use of multimedia (audio, video, and animations)

127:1 – eLearning output, Rapid development through templated interactions, simple animation, efficient or low-end media production

184:1 – eLearning output, Most typical (average) Level 2 projects

267:1 – eLearning output, advanced and custom interactions, embedded simulation activities and lots of media

Level 3 eLearning (Advanced) – Highly interactive, possibly simulation or serious game-based, use of avatars, custom interactions, award-winning caliber courseware

217:1 – eLearning output, templated interactions, templated games and simulations, efficient simulation development practices (rapid development)

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cost Learning