Union School Budgets

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Mar 122016

Union School Budgets

Union School Budgets – Union Official on School Board is Conflict of Interest



Union School Budgets – By Dan Ivers | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Email the author |
on February 23, 2016 at 12:27 PM, updated February 23, 2016 at 3:41 PM


This improperly focused activity  should be criminal, but it’s not. The reason for union involvement at a school board level  is to influence the budget to the advantage of the teachers with no benefit to the students, nor the funding public

The union knows absolutely nothing about what advances sustained student success outcomes and could care less in knowing

The only reason education exists is to advance sustained student success outcomes. Since students = revenue for the school this is not an incidental mission/vision, it is their primary reason for existing

When is the last time you heard the union talk about advancing student success outcomes, or asking for those things that empower students to be successful? Like paradigm change, personalized learning, educationally innovative technology, teacher accountability for results, relevant pedagogy, 21st century deep learning, blended and flipped learning? Never.

Their rhetoric is all about the students, but their actions is all about protecting their members.

Why is this a problem? Because the students success is not a priority, in an environment where student success outcomes are painfully unacceptable

All the union  rhetoric is never focused on the real issues that are proven to advance student success outcomes it’s focused on subsets of the real issues which divert the attention from a flawed incumbent system of teaching that isn’t working and won’t work for 21st century learning needs: More money, fix poverty, more money, get the parents involved, more money, motivate the students, more money

These aren’t the real problems, so these aren’t the real solutions, they are subset diversions to the real problems that they never address…actually they aggressively resist the real solutions like teacher accountability

Paradigm Paralysis

More Money

Teaching vs Learning

Professional Development

Results Schools/Districts

The Widget Effect, Accountabilty




Union School Budgets – MONTCLAIR – An Essex County judge ruled Monday that a high-ranking state teacher’s union official may not serve on a Montclair board that votes on the town’s school budget.

Judge Thomas Moore agreed with Montclair Kids First, a coalition of local parents, that Sean Spiller’s seat on the Board of School Estimate represented a conflict of interest with his job as the New Jersey Education Association’s secretary-treasurer.

The ruling disqualifies Spiller from serving on the three-person body, though it is unclear if he plans to officially resign or appeal. The Board of School Estimate is responsible for reviewing and approving the local school district’s operating and capital budgets.

Union School Budgets – Read the Entire Article, Here


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