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Educational Videos: Don’t Use Khan Academy without Watching Educational Videos: this First

Educational Videos: By Justin Reich on June 21, 2012, Via Education Week/EdTech Researcher

In a send-off of the Comedy Central classic Mystery Science Theater 3000, two teacher-educators sit in front of a Khan Academy video on multiplying and dividing fractions and offer their critical commentary. Dave Coffey and John Golden are the hosts here (they really do need at least one talking robot), and they clearly are not big fans of Mr. Khan or his patron Mr. Gates.

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TomMcDonald’s Comments:

All kidding aside, how does the Kahn Academy, currently a free application,  align with proven, learning research?

(1) Teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning (differentiated instruction), over time, (2) Teacher facilitated, truly personalized reinforcement (differentiated reinforcement), over time, (3) in a blended learning environment, (4) Supplemented by teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning technology:

(1) The video appears to be one to many and I don’t see personalized, facilitated, spaced, learning reinforcement, over time

(2) The video appears to be one to many and I don’t see personalized, facilitated, spaced, learning reinforcement, over time

(3) Yes, using one to many videos with personalized, facilitated,  classroom reinforcement, is a blended learning approach and is beneficial for individual learning. The learning reinforcement must be personalized and facilitated over time, certainly more than a one day scenario (ideal, pre and post classroom)

(4) I am not seeing teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning technology. The students are not learning what they don’t know, with personalized, facilitated,  spacing, pacing and reinforcement, over time.

Certainly, this approach is  much better than an event based, lecture and a step in the right proven learning methodology direction, but still  far from the ideal. The Kahn Academy and the Kahn learning approach has had lots and lots of press, lots and lots of free engagement, but not much validating its parallel connection to ideal, research proven learning methodology,  nor any third party, documented,  advanced, individual learning outcomes using this approach. If you know differently, please let me know.



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