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Dec 012015

PLP – New Measurements Promote Efficacy of Personalized Learning

PLPs are gaining the interest of parties ranging from the Gates Foundation to Facebook

PLP -By Erin McIntyre | November 30, 2015

PLP -How do you measure the efficacy of a learning trend if a single concrete definition of the trend doesn’t exist?

That’s one challenge out of many faced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the RAND Corporation in the production of their new report, “Continued Progress,” which analyzes how well personalized learning is working in schools. The report examined 11,000 students subjected to various personalized learning strategies over the course of two years.

The overall result? The students, from 62 different public charter and district schools, reportedly “made gains in mathematics and reading over the past two years that were significantly greater than a comparison group made up of similar students selected from comparable schools.”

Measuring efficacy

Researchers looked at student achievement, school design, and perceptions from those using personalized learning plans — commonly referred to as PLPs.

For the purpose of the report, three specific criteria were used to determine what constituted personalized learning:

  1. Systems that deepen and accelerate student learning by tailoring instruction to individuals’ needs, skills and interests.
  2. Approaches that offer a variety of learning experiences that prepare students for college and career.
  3. Teachers who play an integral role by managing the learning environment, leading instruction and guiding students to take ownership of their learning.

The RAND Corporation, which administered the survey, found that personalized learning teachers were more likely to use tech to facilitate that goal and favor their schools’ data system, in addition to utilizing competency-based learning approaches.

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