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Sales Skills: 7 Essential Wholesaling Skills Your Manager Wants You to Have

Sales Skills: Rob Shore, Wholesaler Masterminds, February 15, 2010

[ These 7 essential sales skills that Rob lists most often characterize top sales producers. Note that these 7 essential skills are the best practices within his organization and within his industry. This is an outstanding way to replicate success within your organization. This process also lends itself to train your current sales people to the best practices of your top producers. Please let me know if you would like to learn more on how you too can do this. Tom ]

Ten years ago I asked an outside vendor to help me and my team put together an assessment that we might be able to use to pre-screen wholesalers at the point of the interview. What I wanted was something that was custom designed.

While DISC and  Myers Briggs are instructive, they are not specific to the craft of wholesaling.

The vendor undertook interviews with successful existing wholesalers that we employed as well as national sales managers and divisional sales managers within our firm.

The findings were distilled down into two distinct categories. Those skills we deemed to be most critical indicators of success and secondary (though not much less important) sales skills.

The seven critical sales skills sales managers want wholesalers to have are:

sales skills




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