Oct 182011

Learning Technology in Training: Less Instructor-Led, More Computer-Based

Learning Technology: 10/16/11, via Elearning!

Learning executives largely believe that one of the major trends in learning is streamlining existing communication platforms to create flexible, user-centric training experiences.

This represents a seismic shift away from traditional training methods and supports trends cited in another recent survey. In that survey, learning executives were asked to identify the portions of their training portfolio where they projected a growth of 15 percent or greater over a period of 24 months. Respondents indicated:

>> 49% will increase their investment in learning technologies.
>> 58% will design and develop in-house training systems.
>> 45% will re-skill existing training personnel.
>> 57% will increase their e-learning initiatives.
>> 52% will increase the utilization of social networking.

These findings further support a shift from traditional training methods (instructor-led training) to computer-based training (CBT) platforms. Three major trends identified to accommodate this technological shift:

1) Virtual instructor-led training is accelerating rapidly.
2) Learning functions are being consolidated and integrated.
3) Traditional LMS systems are being replaced by portals.

—More info: www.expertus.com/resource/Learning-Executive-Think-Tank



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