May 242011

Training Evaluation: A Holistic View of Training Evaluation

Training Evaluation: Posted by Dave Basarab, V.A.L.E. Consulting and Predictive Evaluation, on Mon, May 23, 2011

When we conduct training evaluations we collect, analyze, and report and myriad of data.  I believe that training evaluation results are meant to improve the course, adoption (transfer), and impact versus trying to prove anything.  Evaluation results should go to two audiences: training & development (the implementers) and the management of participants.

Successful evaluation reporting provides the readers with the elements that they control and can influence if not outright effect.  Another way of thinking about it is – don’t feed back to implementers what should be going to management.

So what evaluation results do you provide to the two different audiences?  For management consider providing data that answers these questions:

  • How much and how well is intervention applied?
  • How effective is performance?
  • What obstacles and factors impede or enhance performance?
  • What are managers doing to provide support?

For Training & Development, consider giving them evaluation data that helps them answer these questions:

  • Is the design working?
  • Are the right people attending?
  • Does the course create the right Intentions (plans of action)?
  • Do participants believe the things that will increase the likelihood of Adoption?

In summary, consider providing evaluation data that will increase the likelihood of increasing impact on business goals to the right people.


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