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Student Success: Supporting Articles Validating the need for Student Success, Part 4 of 5

student success

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I have compiled for you, the following, credible, research driven, third party resources

My focus is research proven, individual, deep learning, transfer and application of must know information, that results in individual, sustained, performance improvement outcomes

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The Education Reform Challenge Question: What should we do to create a strong US education system that works for all, that improves student outcomes and enables our country to regain its leadership position in the field of education?

My Submitted, Proposed, Education Reform Solution; Your comments are encouraged

Most ed-tech startups suck! Here’s where they’re going wrong. Reynol Junco is a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

Reimagining Learning: Richard Culatta
Richard Culatta is the Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the US Department of Education
Fixing Schools
Katherine Merseth of the Harvard Grad School of Ed

Learning Strategies in 2012+

Building Motivation, Instilling Grit: The Necessity of Mastery-Based, Digital Learning

Find out what the experts are suggesting for advanced, individual, deep, long term, learning, transfer and application

Education Reform: Compiled by Tom McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

105. Engineering

106. Reimaging the K–12 Textbook in a Digital Age

107. How we’ll learn in 2013

108. Evidence Based Teachers Network

109. What kind of support do Online graduate students need?

110. Technology

111. Higher Education

  • Registration and Payments
  • Alumni

112. Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools

113. GATES: The Government Alliance for Training & Education by Satellite

114. GETN: Government Education and Training Network

115. How Can School Systems Continue to Improve? IES to Find Out

116. 11 States Get Failing Grades on Public School Policies From Advocacy Group

117. Fewer Incoming College Students Need Remediation, Research Shows

118. Here Comes 2013: The Big Themes in Learning

119. Instructional Design: (Web category with multiple posts; lower left, page bottom, click ‘older entries’ for additional posts)

120. Facilitating/Coaching

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