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Education Reform: Preparing for a Deluge of iPads

Education Reform: By Justin Reich on June 12, 2012 , Via Education Week

Justin Reich, writes in Education Week, about the deluge of iPads entering the education arena.

He shares details specific to iPad adoption rates and how educators can make the most of this technology.

He offers an EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA this November

The article and my comments are below. Enjoy.

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Tom McDonald’s Comments:

3:42 PM on June 13, 2012


Thanks for your article

You are correct in that tablet technology purchases are made prior to having a defined strategic plan on how they will advance individual learning.

Unfortunately, lots and lots of districts have invested in unproven tablet learning technology, hoping that an individualized learning ‘miracle will happen’ .

An individualized learning miracle will not happen through the use of tablet technology unless a number of things change:

Here is why and what needs to happen (This is all validated within my website):

(1) Teachers are not traditionally experts on brain based, research proven pedagogy. They are not traditionally experts on how people learn (metacognition) as well as brain based, proven learning research.

(2) The traditional one to many teaching approach does not effectively and efficiently transfer learning to students

(3) When tablets deliver one to many teaching to individuals you still have one to many teaching delivered… faster…with little of any advanced individual learning benefits (one to many content delivered to individuals via technology is not personalized learning, even though people like call it that).

(4) All of the brain based, proven learning research, along with support from varied educational organizations, promote the new learning model as: “teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning, in a blended learning environment, supplemented by truly personalized learning technology”.

(5) Unless traditional teaching is replaced with brain based learning and content that is truly personalized (differentiated instruction over time and differentiated reinforcement over time…the new learning model), individual learning will not occur with and/or without a tablet.

(6) There is copious proven learning research available supporting the new learning model and a personalized learning approach

(7) Truly personalized learning technology has been available since 2000 and has benefited ELL’s, special ed students, and below grade individuals. The deliverables are long term, individual learning, individual learning transfer and individual learning application of ELA and Math. This empowers students to  eliminate the failure effect, to get to grade level, to learn new information, to pass exit exams, to graduate and to apply that information outside of school, long term.

(8) The tablet is not the magic learning solution any more than the PC being the magic learning solution. The learning solution is research proven, learning methodologies, delivered to students via cool technology, in a truly personalized way with individual spacing, pacing and reinforcement (differentiated instruction, over time and differentiated reinforcement over time using truly personalized technology)…Via the new learning model.

(9) The tablet, like the PC is simply a content delivery tool. Unless the content is delivered in a different way, than the traditional one to many approach, it will remain a cool delivery tool, but will not add to individual learning outcomes.

(10) The solution that provides the most student learning value and maximizes their tablet investment value, is truly personalized learning software (intelligent tutoring system) that delivers truly personalized learning to each student via their tablet or PC.

The learning research is solid on this and there are no viable shortcuts if the goal is effective and efficient, long term, student learning, student learning transfer and student learning application

Here are some supporting categories, with multiple posts within each category. My website is dedicated to the new learning model and provides 850+ unique and varied posts validating the research and theory behind the new learning model:





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