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Private Cloud Computing : Infographic

Private Cloud Computing: By News Editor, August 31, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine
“72% of respondents stated that cloud services have improved end-user experience.”

Private cloud computing serves individual organizations, whether managed internally or by a third party and hosted internally or externally. Benefits include substantial cost savings, improved performance, and improved user experience. Applications include eLearning. edCetra Training has released this infographic, summarizing the essential facts you need to know.

Click the image below to see the full infographic. Be sure to read the TweetChat announcement below the jump.

Learning in the cloud (TweetChat)

edCetra Training will begin hosting a monthly TweetChat about learning in the cloud on Wednesday, September 7th at 12pm EST, using the hashtag #clouduc8 (pronounced “cloud-ucate”).

Topics of the #clouduc8 TweetChat will include cloud-based tools and technologies, evolution of learning in the cloud, content curation, semantic languages for describing learning, design and development of Web-based learning, using XML, etc. The overall focus is on learning about new technologies and applying them to new models of learning and learners.

What’s a TweetChat?

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