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Sales Training: How to Gain Control Over the Two Critical Elements that Keep Sales Consultants and Trainers Awake at Night:

Sales Training: By Tom McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

Sales Training: And Additionally; Differentiate Yourself from your Competition, Improve Individual Outcomes and Grow Your Business 

You just secured your newest sales training and consulting initiative. Congratulations!

Your prior sales training success with a similar business helped you get this engagement.

You feel that you have all of the critical ingredients to make this sales training initiative similarly successful as those of the past, but you still feel uneasy. Why is that?

There are two critical components of yoursales training  process, that you have limited control over. 

Each of these components  dramatically impacts your participant outcomes: 

(1) How well each participant learns your information:

Your goal is that each participant learns your critical information to mastery (fluency).

By doing so, each participant will easily recall your information, even under stressful circumstances.

Individual learning to fluency is a critical training prerequisite for the next steps of appropriate application and ongoing reinforcement, which over time, results in behavior change.

Individual sales performance will not advance unless individual information fluency occurs.

(2) How well each participant is coached, over time, to appropriately apply your critical new information, to change behaviors and to advance individual performance improvement:

Your goal is to individually coach, each participant.

Or, you will give explicit instructions to each participant and each participants manager, on how to individually reinforce appropriate learned behaviors.

You know that individual, ongoing reinforcement, over time, will ensure appropriate application and behavior change.

Individual sales performance will not advance unless there is individual, ongoing, appropriate reinforcement.

The best coaches and sales trainers squeeze the very most out of each of these dynamic components.

What if you were able to better manage these key variables and better participant outcomes?

The questions I think that need to be asked are:

  • What if I could better individual learning, to fluency? How would my outcomes change?
  • What if I could individually monitor and reinforce my critical information, over time, even if I passed that reinforcement along to a sales manager? How would my outcomes change?
  • How would my business and prospecting efforts change, if I was able to more effectively and efficiently manage these key components and better individual outcomes?
  • Would this differentiation win me more business?
  • Would I be more certain of outcomes with each engagement?
  • Would I be able to effectively and efficiently train more sales professionals in less time?
  • Would my F2F time be less and my outcomes bettered?

I’m interested in your thoughts and comments.

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