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Learning Management Systems: The good, the bad, the ugly … and the truth

Learning Management Systems: by Steve Wexler, Nancy Grey, Dawn Adams Miller, Frank Nguyen, and Angela van Barneveld

Published Date: 05/15/2008, Via the eLearning Guild – Research

Learning Management Systems at a Crossroads

These are very challenging times for both organizations tasked with implementing a Learning Management System and solution providers that develop, market, and integrate LMS’s. While still contending with last year’s “keep you up at night issue” of expanding the LMS to incorporate integrated talent management initiatives (ITM), e-Learning professionals and providers must now also contend with a new “hot button” issue: Web 2.0 and social networking.

Already, 42.1% of Guild members consider LMS support for Blogs, Wikis, Pod-casts, and Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS) to be very important, and 36.2% consider support for informal learning initiatives as very important.

So, should you get an LMS, an ITM, or a social networking system?

To help you make this decision this 220-page report will arm you with information from over 1,250 of your eLearning Guild peers representing over 1,150 organizations. In addition, this report gives you the best data and analysis available to help you determine team size, time, costs, best practices, as well as choose the best system for you and your organization.

  • “The average costs to acquire, install, and customize a LMS for all industries and organization sizes is $85.68 per learner”.
  • “The average cost to maintain the LMS is $44.62 per learner”.

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