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Mar 152012

Behavior Change: Successful Change Survey – Why do people resist change?

Behavior Change: By  Nick Anderson, The Crispian Advantage. 031512

Behavior Change: First Chapter – 1072 Managers surveyed


Here’s a summary of 1072 managers responses on why their people and leaders resist change. It is a collaboration between New Catalyst and The Crispian Advantage


The accelerated rate of organizational change accelerates demands on everyone. Such reorganizations have major consequences for employees. Accelerated change failure creates cultural toxicity. That’s why many experience feelings of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) when they detect another change is on the way.

Here’s the reality of this survey, Leaders need employee support and trust if there change is going to stand any chance of success (Duh!). Our results underscore this. If people are cynical about a change, pessimism will set in, and failure will be just a “hair’s breadth” away.

Our findings clearly show the multi-faceted nature of what leaders need to assess when planning and implementing change.

There are no simple remedies, no sound bites or grizzly 7 step plan

Yet, at its core there are fundamental values that if believed in will provide a sound basis for planning and executing change.

Core Values for Overcoming Change Resistance

  • Mutual Respect– leaders for their people and people’s for their leaders. If leaders think their people “Don’t Get It” guess what? They won’t!
  • “Feel Fair “– being consistent and transparent is crucial to let those who remain see leaders act accordingly
  • Multi-faceted Communication – Using every means and media to help engage people not just tell them where to be on Monday at 800am
  • Clarity of direction – There’s nothing worse for these respondents of not knowing the What, Why & How of a change
  • Not everyone can be “on the bus” – The corporate good is not served by those who don’t want to give change their best try, at least for a period. So, it takes courage to deal with this using the other core values.

The full report will be available in April and for those people who participated in the survey we will be sending the executive summary as promised. If you would like to know more about the full report please contact us


Kelly Nwosu & Nick Anderson – Change Management Consultants

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