Jun 232018

When Apples are Oranges

For a liberal, where ignorance is bliss, their justification for their crazy position(s) is:

” Because both and apple and an orange are fruit, they are exactly the same..same color, same chemical makeup, same nutrition, same size, same taste, same cost, same growth process, same variety’s.. et.al. -Therefor apples ARE oranges”.

Can we thank traditional educators for teaching them this erroneous information, or not teaching them the difference, or is their ignorance self-imposed to somehow justify their non-factual positions?

When the facts don’t matter, and your erroneous position takes precedent, you resort to making apples, oranges.

Making apples, oranges is a very, very difficult argument to make credible (let’s call it impossible), but surprisingly, they have lots of non-thinking, ignorance is bliss, followers.

Are you part of the apples ARE oranges crowd? If so, you simply have no credibility.

For those of you that don’t know any better and there are lots of you out there, the fact is that APPLES ARE NOT ORANGES! 

Collectively shouting that they are, no matter how loudly and often doesn’t make the misrepresentation of the facts true.

I’m embarrassed by the fact that to so many folks, the facts don’t matter and ignorance is bliss