Nov 022011

Cold Calling: Did Sales 2.0 Kill Cold Calling?

Cold Calling: By Tibor Shanto, Renbor Sales Solution, 11/2/11

You may recall a while back I posted on whether cold calling is dead or not.  While most seem to agree that not only is cold calling not dead, but has a place alongside other strategies and tactics required to engage with potential buyers, prospects.

A couple of weeks ago another article came along, going further suggesting that it was Sales 2.0 that killed cold calling, it seems it was a case of justifiable homicide.   Interesting, here we have something that is not dead, but we have a confession of murder.

It was in the midst of that confusion, that I was asked by Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World if I felt that Sales 2. Had killed cold calling.  Hear the answer and let us know your view

Access Tibors 12 minute interview with Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World here:


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