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Jan 202016

Education Change- Teaching to Learning

Education Change – “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”… Michael J. Fox


Education Change -Tom’s Comments:

Education Change –The proven, best practices, research specific to student adaptive learning is copious, readily available and solidly reflects that students, under the one size fits all teaching methodology, don’t learn critical, must know skills like, but not limited to, English and Math (individual, student, sustained, adaptive skills, that result in long term, individual performance improvement outcomes).

And, “professional”, traditional, educators continue to embrace one size fits all teaching (think large lecture, videos of large lectures and traditional  power point, word document, pdf document, video based, elearning – e.g. MOOCs) something that isn’t effective, or efficient, for advancing student success outcomes, at the direct expense of readily available, adaptive student learning, which we know advances student success outcomes. Go figure.


Michael Fox

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How individual, adaptive learning, that results in sustained individual performance improvement outcomes,  occurs


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